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Beautiful Burundi has been devastated by generations of ethnic conflicts, but with the advent of peace, this charming country may finally be able to put an end to its dark past. For the first time in years, a visit to Burunti is a viable and enticing prospect for tourists. There is so much to see in Bujumbura that a day trip is not enough and it would be impossible to make a list of all the places worth visiting if there were not a real Garden of Eden - an irresistible attraction for everyone.

As a small country, Burundi has many national forests and national reserves, which are protected by an enormously scenic nature. There are also beaches where visitors can relax and spend time with their loved ones.

A visit to the Natural Park along the Ruvuvu Rivers is a must, as it is equipped with accommodation and infrastructure. There you can admire Burundi's protected buffalo, dorcas and gazelles, and tourists can participate in feeding the animals and also touch live crocodiles while visiting the Vivant Museum. You will also climb the famous Nyiragongo volcano in Congo, entertained by dancers from the Inner and Buruddi drummers, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the national park and the picturesque nature of Burungi and its national parks.

This park, also known as the Parc National de la Rusizi, is one of the easiest to reach in Burundi and is located in the north - east of Burungi. Another important place for Burunti is the Rwandan National Park, which is located near the southern source of the Nile. Known as the largest national park in Africa and the world, the mountain forest that once covered the entire region is known for stretching from Rwanda to Buruni over hundreds of thousands of years.

Burundi is a country where it is great to be a tourist, as it is a very amazing place to visit on holiday. It is blessed with a landscape that offers some interesting places to visit, and there are a lot of interesting things to see in Burunti, such as the mountains, the river and the people of Buruni.

When you book a Burundi tour or safari, you take the opportunity to explore the country. If you are a volunteer and want to go to Burunti and help the people here, you can apply for various volunteer programs. You can also make a combined trip to participate in volunteering in Buruni, with the help of a local NGO, such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

If you enjoy collecting art and crafts, shopping can be an integral part of your trip to Burundi. If you go to GVA Holidays & Safaris Volunteer Africa, you can organise a shopping trip to Burunti as well as a tour of Buruni and other parts of the country. All our Burungi tours and safaris are conducted under our brand new brand name "Adventures that stay with you for a lifetime."

We take you to places where few travelers explore and introduce Burundi, and we introduce you to sights that are diverse. On your tour of this impressive African destination you can capture the different moods of Burundi. Before you head out, read our ultimate list of the best hotels in Burungi to get recommendations, including rates, locations and great reviews.

Burundi can be visited all year round, but the best way to travel is during the long dry season, when the country experiences extremely hot temperatures that are unpleasant. In February and May, Burundi experiences a long rainy season, which is not recommended for tourists. Especially from May to September, December and January are the ideal times to visit Bujumbura Burungi. This year is the best, except for a few weeks in the summer months of July, August and September.

If you are planning a trip to Burundi, it is recommended to find out about the current situation there and plan your trip accordingly. The development concerns the journey there, which was once considered a questionable destination for tourism.

The National Museum of Burundi houses the largest collection of historical and cultural artefacts from the country's history in the world. The museum, which was founded in 1955 under the colonial rule of the Belgians, is the National Museum of Burunti.

The Burundian culture is well represented here and also houses the palace of the late king. The Burunti cultures are well represented here; the palaces of the late kings are also kept here. The Burungu culture was well represented here: the Royal Palace.

Burundi is also home to the Burton Speke Memorial in Nyanza Lac on the border with Tanganyika. The Livingstone Stanley Monument, found in the former capital of Burundi, where he spent two nights in 1871, is the most popular monument and landmark in the country.

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More About Bujumbura