Bujumbura Burundi Hyatt Hotel

I am originally from North Carolina and spent two years at Marriott before seeking this position. I have no previous experience as an event manager, but becoming an event manager was a dream of mine. We offered two more technically qualified candidates, but I have said that my education in southern hospitality is essential to what I am and is the foundation of the hospitality industry, treating everyone with respect.

Every event manager has a different personality and there are different types of people in the position of event manager, such as event planners, event organisers, etc. For example, one of our event managers is interested in how we work as a team. This person spoke to me because of the questions he asked me, but also because I am a passionate person with a great sense of humor and a passion for hospitality.

The director of food and beverages asked me several standard questions and then started to prepare for my personal motivations. One question I remember most was telling me something I can't find on my CV: I was asked to explain how I would be useful to the hotel. I explained my thoughts, as I could bring creative ideas to future customers. The final step was a meeting with the general manager, who was in the office after the other two interviews.

I met with the event manager and we discussed whether I should proceed to the second round of interviews. A representative for Hewitt informed me that they were interviewing another candidate, and I had the opportunity to meet with him once - at one. The way I prepared for this interview was, in addition to the previous one, studying the structure and specifications of the hotel, reading the job description and preparing specific examples, knowing the standard questions that were asked to me. Then I met the HR manager who asked me some questions about my personal motives and why I would be a benefit for this hotel.

The Hewitt representative contacted me again and I was told that I would be doing one last interview with the GM. The day I met him, I expected to be interviewed, but I was offered the job in person and I expected an interview.

More About Bujumbura

More About Bujumbura