Bujumbura Burundi Things To Do

In Bujumbura Burundi there is so much to see during the holidays that a day trip might not be enough.

If you prefer to see birds in one of the many national parks in the country or relax on the beach by the huge Tanganyika Lake, Burundi could be the ideal holiday destination for you. If you are a tourist, you should definitely visit Burunti, because it is a really cool and underrated place. It is blessed with a landscape that makes it a very amazing place to visit during the holidays. In Bujumbura there is a great variety of interesting places to visit, from the National Park to the city centre, and when you visit it, it is definitely a country where it is great not only to be a tourist, but also a great tourist destination.

The Roca Golf Hotel is definitely the most luxurious hotel in Burundi, but it is everywhere in Burundi. If you have ever been on a week-long road trip to Tanzania and stayed in a cheap guesthouse, this could be a much-needed break for you.

You will also climb the famous Nyiragongo volcano in Congo, be entertained by dancers from the Inner and Burundian drummers and enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Bujumbura from the summit of Nkurunziza, the highest peak in Africa. The meal costs 285 USD for one person, but two people pay 215 USD for a night at the Roca Golf Hotel, with a total cost of about 1,500 USD. This includes two nights, two days of meals, a hotel room and two meals a day for two people.

Another important place in Burundi is Lake Bujumbura, which is located at the southern source of the Nile. This majestic lake runs through the heart of Burundi, the capital and one of Africa's most popular tourist destinations. There are many beaches on its shores, which stretch from the centre of Nkurunziza to the eastern part of the city and extend from its coast. Many activities, such as fishing, snorkeling, diving and swimming, take place on the lake. You can also visit the traditional place where the old and new drums are kept in traditional huts, which is a popular meeting place for the country's interior and interior drummers and also for tourists.

You can fly from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to Bujumbura International Airport, which is less than ten miles from the city centre. You can also transfer to Kigali via the International Trade and Investment Center (ITC) at the airport's international terminal.

You will have lunch at the Muhabura Hotel in Ruhengeri and then transfer to Bujumbura. Lunch, visit to the Genocide Memorial Museum and visit to the National Museum of Burundi, the National Library and the museums of the Republic of Rwanda. In the afternoon, head to Gitega, where you can relax in a local café, enjoy a cold drink and explore Burunti National Museum with a Gitega before returning to your hotel for dinner. You are preparing for the next day, which will be just as exciting: Visit the downtown drumming and dancing festival and then the national park before flying back to the airport and then Kigali for your next flight to Kampala. This afternoon you will have to drive back to Bu Jumburura and make a transfer to Lake Kivu, a popular tourist destination where you can relax after a cool drink in one of the many cafes and restaurants.

Breakfast is served at the Burunti National Museum, which includes a Gitega, the National Library and the Museum of the Republic of Rwanda. Take a trip to the Museum of the Genocide Memorial, a popular tourist destination in Bujumbura, and then visit the National Park.

Burundi is also home to the Burton Speke Memorial, located in Nyanza Lac, near the border with Tanganyika. It is believed that this was the place from which Burundi's first king came when he travelled to Central Bujumbura, where he proclaimed himself king. The Burundian culture is well represented here, and here is also the palace of the late king.

The Livingstone Stanley Monument, found in the former capital of Burundi, where he spent two nights in 1871, is one of the most popular monuments and landmarks in the country. Gitega has the ancient history of colonial times in Burunti and has a monument erected in that country dedicated to the late colonial leader Sir William Stanley and his wife.

The official language of Burundi is Swahili, but it is also spoken bbe Kirundia (also called Rundis) in French. Sangala (known as Captain Mukeke Ndagala), which is not found anywhere else in the world except in Burunti. It is also home to the German Gorge, which is located on the outskirts of Bujumbura, a popular tourist destination for tourists and tourists from other parts of Africa and the Middle East, and is famous for its traditional cuisine and its traditional beer, which can be purchased in the shops of Bu Jumbara Muse Vivant.

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More About Bujumbura