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For the first time in years, a visit to Burundi is a viable and enticing prospect for tourists. Whether you prefer to lie on the beach by the huge Tanganyika Lake, watch birds in one of the many national parks in the country or relax on a beach in the huge national park, Burunti may be the ideal holiday destination for you. An interesting place with its beautiful landscape, beautiful people and diverse culture, it is also a country where it feels good as a tourist.

The journey to Burundi can be expensive depending on the destination, but it is not possible to stay there. Note: If you take a bus from Huye (also known as Butare) in southern Rwanda, you pay the same fare as if you are coming from Kigali.

From Manyovu, minibuses will take you to Kigali, while from Boda - Bodas you will be taken to the Burundi border post. From Manyova, a minibus will take you to Bangui, while from Bodi - Boda you will be taken to the Burundian border posts.

It takes about 3-5 hours to reach Burundi immigration, where you might spend 30 minutes, and then reach Tanzania immigration, where it ends. A passport with a valid identity card and visa as well as a driving licence are required for entry to Burunti.

All passengers entering or leaving Burundi must present a negative COVID-19 test, which is carried out 72 hours before boarding. This information means that visitors to Burundi should ensure that they secure their entry and exit with a valid identity card and driving licence.

If you are based in the Irish Embassy in Burundi, the assistance you can offer in emergencies is limited. If you are a volunteer and would like to travel to Bujumbura and help the people here, please apply to the various volunteer programs. Couple travelers are recommended, but consider using multiple-vehicle convoys to reduce the risks associated with couple travel. Irish citizens should consider whether they need to stay and, if so, why not travel with a friend or family member.

If you are planning a trip to Burundi, it is recommended to find out about the current situation there and plan your trip accordingly. When you arrive in Bujumbura, take a tour of the information board to the National Bureau of Tourism, where a variety of options are available. If you are planning a meeting or trip, this site is a good place to see when a country like Burunti is on vacation. Due to concerns about the security situation in the country and the potential for terrorist attacks, travel to Burungi is currently discouraged.

The British Foreign Office advises against travel to Bujumbura due to the current security situation in Burungi and the potential terrorist attack. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) advise against all essential travel to Bu Jumbara.

In 2018, Lonely Planet wrongly advised tourists to avoid Burundi, and the British government advises against all major travel to the country. I really enjoyed my time in Burungi, but I have to say that both the British Government and LonelyPlanet are completely wrong.

I am a long term backpacker and I love this place and recommend it to every backpacker visiting Burundi. I hope Urban Lodge will establish itself as one of the best hotels in the country for long-term backpacker trips.

Another important place in Burundi is Gitega, which is located at the southern source of the Nile. It is worth mentioning that the National Museum of Burunti, also located in Gitesga, is the oldest and only one of its kind in the country.

Burundi is located just south of the equator and borders Nyanza Lac, the largest lake in Africa and the second largest in the world. The lake has many beaches on its shores, which stretch from the capital Bujumbura to the southern end of Gitega and the northern part of Burunti. The Burton Speke Memorial is also located there, on the border with Tanganyika. In addition, German Gorge is located here, at the foot of a steep hill, just a few hundred meters above the surface of the lake.

There you can admire Burundi's protected buffalo, dorcas and gazelles as well as many other animal species. A visit to the Ruvuvu Rivers Nature Park is a must, with accommodation and infrastructure. On the road from Muyinga to Cankuzo, it is now the most popular tourist destination in Burunti and one of the best in the world. There you can admire the beautiful nature park with its protected buffalo, dorais and gazelles.

Your first nature hike in Burundi will take you to the nature reserve Rusizi, which is located in the capital Bujumbura. You can visit many of Burundi's wild animals such as elephants, gorillas, giraffes and gazelles, as well as many other animal species. Your first nature trekking trip to the Ruvuvu Rivers Nature Park is a must, with accommodation and infrastructure, as you can visit some of the most beautiful nature parks and reserves in the world in this beautiful country.

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More About Bujumbura